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Not too old, reliable
It did not seem possible
To be in this predicament
Hadn’t traveled far but it was enough.
From desert canyon to ocean bluff.
He preferred his home, his
To reflect on his life
And a wonderful life for all he touched.
A gentle giant we all loved much
The reliable ride was always there
Available to help, to go anywhere.
Cars and trucks all looked up to him,
His accomplishments, his unique VIN.
The other cars he left behind
Were a worthy lot in anyone’s mind.

He had built the roadways
So we could all travel
Near or far, to help unravel
The mysteries of life
Over the next hill
Only to return home and prefer it still.

But always there to lend a hand
A pull, a tow, or just to haul
He was magnificent underneath it all.
Just waiting to be polished
but received the call.
One last trip was on the map.
It was the hardest one, an uphill climb.
The engine that so faithfully rumbled,
was told it was time,
no racing fast to stop on a dime.
It would even be towed, that last insult,
from its humble perch in the forest green.
To a new location, a new search.
Not knowing the incredible new role ahead
is to service a mansion, with its gold road bed. He is a favored son by all
Honored, revered, he is the best .
Someone to emulate, his love and devotion.
It seems unfair to him to see him rest.
We love him—all who know him well
He is the best, without doubt of the rest.
He won’t go far to end his race
Go, David, home where you’ll be blessed.
Nancy Sagdahl Sleeper

David John Sagdahl