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Anne Marie Erika Sagdahl f Hilse

Anne Marie Erika Sagdahl f Hilse

Kvinne 1924 - 2012  (87 år)

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  • Navn Anne Marie Erika Sagdahl f Hilse 
    Fødsel 13 Nov 1924  Tyskland, Sachsen, Dresden Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet  [1, 2
    Kjønn Kvinne 
    31 Aug 1947  USA Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet  [1, 3
    Død 13 Okt 2012  USA, CA, Apple Valley Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet  [2
    Person ID I113872  Hemneslekt
    Sist endret 1 Aug 2022 

    Familie Christian Thomas Charles Sagdahl,   f. 12 Nov 1922, Frankrike, Angers Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedetd. 28 Jun 1996, USA, CA, San Bernardino Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet (Alder 73 år) 
    Ekteskap 31 Mai 1945  Tyskland, Sachsen, Dresden Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet  [1, 2
     1. Micheline Marylouise Sagdahl
    Famile ID F41073  Gruppeskjema  |  Familiediagram
    Sist endret 5 Apr 2024 

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    Anne Marie Sagdahl f Hilse
    Anne Marie Sagdahl f Hilse

    Anne Marie Sagdahl f Hilse
    Anne Marie Sagdahl f Hilse
    Petition for Naturalization

  • Notater 
    • Anne Marie Sagdahl was born Nov.13,1924 in Dresden, Germany. She was the youngest of 4. The war is on..... Soldiers come.... Annie Meets Christian. Annie and Chris would marry on May 31, 1945. Wanting to come to the United States they did so 1947.... We made it! New York City! Annie and Chris lived and worked for several years wanting to come to Los Angeles they made their move. Planting their roots in Sun Valley where they lived for many years. Chris a baker and Annie the best homemaker ever! Annie, lady of many talents. Making sure her family always came first. Cooking and baking ...Yum... crepes the best! She would sew school clothes, doll clothes... knit, crochet, embroider. We all had scarves, mittens, hats, booties, sweaters, blankets. You name it, she did it. As her children got older Annie took on a part time job working at Sierra Memorial Hospital where she hoped she would meet her future son in law. Living in Sun Valley they made many friends and had many parties with good food and plenty of wine!
      1976 blessed her with her 1st granddaughter. Annie was on top of the world. The sewing and knitting continued.

      Annie and Chris retired in Big Bear CIty in 1983, a place they visited since the 1950s. They bought a lot in 1964. Enjoying frequent visits to go picnicking, biking, fishing with their children. In 1983 they built their retirement home - beautiful. They loved the clean air - short winters - beautiful summers - long walks. Along the way would visit with neighbors, and friends. Great neighborhood block parties 40 or more would gather for potluck and still be home for the sixoclock news, it was perfect!After 51 years of marriage Annie would lose her husband. Winters were tough for her in Big Bear.
      4 years later she would leave Big Bear and move to Apple Valley to be close to her family. She now had 2 great grandchildren. Annie said moving to Apple Valley was the best thing she ever did. She would meet wonderful people and had many parties, lots of food and of course plenty of wine.
      October 13 2012 The Lord comes for her. It's time to go home. Waiting at the pearly gates.... her husband. she sees him and runs to him.
      Survivied by her daughter Micheline, Grandaughter Katrina, great Grand daughters Alicia and Selena
      Annie walks the streets of heaven.

      From Great granddaughters Alicia and Selena
      We would like to share some memories of our great grandma we called Oma We remember how excited we would get to go to her house. We would always want to ride in her golfcart. We just thought it was the coolest thing ever. We would check her mail and have Papa Gary drive around Jess Ranch. She would always have a jar of candy on her coffee table, we would always run and sneak to steal the candy. Oma made the best crepes ever. We would wake up early in the morning and grub on crepes. The morning we got the phone call that she passed it broke our hearts. These memories will never be forgotten. May she rest in paradise. We love and miss you.


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